Access Control

Actatek System: The Actatek can be used to monitor and limit access throughout a facility, ensuring employees and visitors alike only have access to approved areas. With a variety of authentication technologies available, including PIN, Proximity/smart Card and Bio-metric, the Actatek system can be tailored with off-the-shelf products to fit the security needs of each individual area. Access Control, Time attendance using Bio-metrics units for authentication.

Perimeter Security

Secure your environment with the most advanced perimeter intrusion detection system available today.
A Central alarming monitoring system
that displays alarms and controls zones on the site map, state of the art CCTV with cutting edge technologies. Data Security solutions that integrate with your existing framework to protect sensitive data and ensure privacy by preventing unauthorized access to your data and Secure Links that make use of fiber optic sensing technologies to secure your environment for up to 80km (50 miles).