Advanced Edge Telephony System

We offer the right office phone system for your organisation. Many organisations are seeing the power of global connectivity provided by a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) office phone system. It produces an effective and efficient calling features that allow each member of your organisation to have his or her own number, and that number can be dialed directly, rather than put through an operator.

Engenius System

These are cordless phones and long range industrial wireless LAN System. This can be used to boost the internet usage of a company by extending to users over a certain area using controllers /switches and Gateways/Routers. It utilizes 802.11 and standard speeds up to 300Mbps on each of its 2.4 and 5GHz frequency bands.
Suitable for Industrial Workers In Various Profession….
•Automobile Dealers
•Construction Worker
•Warehouse Worker
•Manufacture Worker
•Business Person
•Teacher/ School Administrator
•Retail Store Worker
•Security Staff
•Nursing Home Staff
•Hotel/ Resort/ Convention Center